The knock of the pain that knocks you down.

The call – strong enough to make you drown

in the pain you painted.

And the colours come alive in the tides

that take you deeper while you float.


As Jessica’s words explore a realm of her own, with her refreshing take on love, it’s the illustrations that complete this journey to make it breathtakingly serene, intense & beautiful.

The encircled illustrations on display here have been conceptualized by the author, Jessica Singh, and brought to life on paper by her mother, Neena Singh- an artist and an inspiration. All artworks, rendered with ink pens & acrylic colours, inherently embody the concept of a mandala- a Sanskrit word that refers to a circle containing the essence- and seamlessly exemplify Jessica’s poems. They illuminate the author’s thoughts and add another dimension to the poems’ splendor.



As in the book, the artworks have been divided into the same three sub-groups: Alliterated Allies, Shades in Semblance & Depth of Delusions.  The accompanying illustrations are thoughtful, meticulous & yes, strikingly beautiful on their own. However, they are also an intelligently executed peek into Jessica’s universe of a strong and independent modern woman.

Spark by irreplaceable spark, mandala by another pristine mandala, the mother-daughter duo spins a world full of passion, even more compassion, unprecedented depth and a generous dollop of style that’s truly ingenious.

Let’s now enter this hitherto unexplored territory and laud Neena’s & Jessica’s courage for allowing us to look through their kaleidoscopic inner world.

-Swati Gupta


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