Curated by- Swati Gupta
The Quest Of A Master

Update: Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Hon’able Union Minister of Culture (I/C), MOS- Environment, Forest & Climate Change,  graciously inaugurated the exhibition on Friday, December 1st, 2017.

The Quest of a Master attempts to present a comprehensive cross-section of Shri Sher Singh Kukkal’s iconoclastic and profoundly influential oeuvre across numerous art styles and mediums.  Unlike any other Indian artist before him, Shri Kukkal has created a monumental body of artwork that defies standardization & categorization— from sculptures to wash paintings, impressionist scenes to abstraction, stylized relief works to large frescos, and from music to creative photography. In over six decades of his life as an artist, his oeuvre covers paintings (Watercolours, Oils, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Wash, Pastels, Tempera); Sculptures (Wood, Bronze, Metal) – small and large; Enamel work over tiles with glazing; Photographic Art- Experimental creations using Film Negatives and Painted Glass overlays etc. Here’s an artist, in the truest sense of the word, who has stayed sincere to his innermost desire of continuous creation and brought every idea in his mind to life, irrespective of the genre, medium & style demanded by it.

This exhibition attempts to present for the viewer a cross-section of Shri Kukkal’s work together with a smaller number of works of his students. The works of the upcoming artist, while obviously influenced and shaped by their teacher, show a level of maturity enabling a healthy dialogue between the works of the guru and the sishyas.


Featuring more than 200 works, including over 140 paintings, key notes, periodicals & printed matter, biographic photographs and one film, the exhibition aims to advance the understanding of Shri Kukkal’s relentless shape-shifting and how his persistent questioning of the meaning as well as purpose of art and life has ensured that his formidable legacy will have a lasting influence on the future of art in India.





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