Engineer, Artist & Curator

Born in 1990 and brought up in Delhi, Swati Gupta has had a brilliant academic record graduating with University and College Honors from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. She has earned degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Economics, plus two minors. Before returning to her homeland, she also worked on Wall Street, New York City, excelling in investment finance. Swati later completed her Masters in Business Administration with the highest awards from the Indian School of Business.

Swati’s association with the arts has been special since childhood. At the age of thirteen, she pursued a diploma in Fine Arts from the Bangiya Sangeet Parishad. She owes her accomplishments as an artist to Shri Sher Singh Kukkal, under whose aegis she honed her skills and developed her own style & form.

Swati’s work is often imbued with social, emotional and geographical trajectories that influence our sub-conscious. Her paintings are largely rendered in watercolor, acrylic, ink and mixed media. Her creative photographs have been developed using both, film and digital cameras, often with the help of laser pointers. With her belief that art has no boundaries, she makes use of various materials as her canvases: leather, cotton stoles, old dhotis, waste printed cloths, gessoed boards, various papers as well as traditional canvas.  The subject determines her choice of style, material & medium.

A non-conformist attitude brings varied perspectives to all of Swati’s endeavors. For her, a coin has more than two sides and she will gladly call a spade a spade. In her attempt to personify her experiences through her works, Swati translates her personal inquiry within into potent mindscapes that draw the viewer into the stream of consciousness. Her belief that watercolors are on the verge of becoming a lost medium creates a special resonance with her. She is enamored by their fluidity since, just as her thought process, they assist her in going with the flow. Having experimented with various styles in the medium, she is currently focusing on the wash style.

Swati lives in New Delhi with her husband, Piyush, & together they manage their business full-time. She successfully straddles contrasting worlds— the stress-filled corporate and the ever-satisfying art.